Casper Alarm Clock

Project Type
Industrial Design

Tyler Anderson - Industrial Design, 3D Vis
Jack Marple - Industrial Design, CAD

Project Details

An accelerated studio project to demonstrate how CAD and 3D visualization software are implemented into a contemporary design studio’s processes.

Jack Marple and I teach principles and fundamentals during the first 6 weeks of the cohort, and in the last 6 weeks, we demo our design tools processes live through a mock project to give students a view into how our CAD and Vis tools are used in a studio design environment. We assigned a handful of similar projects to the cohort to follow along the process as well.

The result is a bedside alarm clock that lives alongside the Casper Glow, one of our favorite products. The clock uses the Casper app as well as the accelerometer in the Glow to manipulate the down-firing alarm speaker.

We used a total of 8 hours of instruction time to design and produce the project, with live Q&A and process breakdowns along the way. View the whole project through the Offsite Behance :)

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